Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NH Sunrise

Yesterday as I was sitting at the computer,reading my emails,I looked to my right and saw a sunrise so pretty that I had to take a photo. I threw open the window,raised the screen,and stuck my camera outside.

It's sights like this make me so thankful for living here. The darkness of the trees against the red,yellow,orange and pink of a rising sun signalling the beginning of a day was a great contrast.
It was a wonderful way to start the day,and I found myself highly motivated.Monday I had gone out back into the woods and gathered my greenery for decorations,so I was ready to put them to use. I did my morning errands ( including grocery shopping) then came home and began my process.
Monday I had also finally taken down the fall decorations,but the Mums were frozen into the pots. Since I wanted to put them into the compost pile,I had to bring all the Mums inside by the wood stove to defrost. By Tuesday they were ready,so I emptied them all out,and reused the hanging pots for my greenery. I used Hemlock and White Pine. I also put small red bows in various places. I have two hanging by the road,and two hanging on either side of our door. I also filled my window boxes.The cart on the front lawn is filled as well. Our wreaths are up as well as the lights. ( I will post photos of these tomorrow).
Inside I put my battery operated candles in the windows. Today I am going to do some more inside decorating,and am going to dry out my oranges. I am going to hang orange slices on my tree this year. I think it will look great!

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  1. I've seen a link on DTE for a garland, I thought I might go gather some pine branches and make one for my hall table. Looking forward to seeing your photos