Monday, December 20, 2010

Time To Tie Up Loose Ends

This week begins crunch time for Christmas. I still have four pork pies,one pecan pie,and a batch of peppermint bark to make for my pre -Christmas baking/making. Presents still need to wrapped,and the household chores to do.

Fresh Snow,Christmas Forest,and Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap curing.

Yesterday my sister Linda came up with Mom. Linda and her hubby Tom are going to be down in Virginia for Christmas.They will be enjoying the holiday with their daughter Tara,son in law Scott,and first grandchild,Sammie. Sammie is two and it should be a very fun Christmas for them. Since they will be down there,we had a gift exchange early.
Wrapped bars of soap,cinnamon stick candles,and a jar of homemade laundry soap ready to be put in a Christmas gift bag for Linda.
Today I am visiting My Dear Friend Michelle. I am bringing over my gift for her,and going to have a quick cup of tea. This is a busy week for everyone,so I don't want to overstay my welcome.I also have errands to run after. Today I need to make peppermint bark,a pecan pie,and some cookies for the Troop Christmas party tonight.I should also get some wrapping done.
This is the time for tying up those loose ends!What do you have on your agenda for these last few days before Christmas?


  1. Ermmm everything! :D and nothing really.
    Got a bit fo baking to do, but need to go get some groceries to do that and whilst there we will get enough to restock the pantry. We're not big on presents so we will only get a small pressie to open on the day. We'll wait until the new year sales. Veggies will be from the garden, turkey and ham were bought a couple of weeks ago and are in the freezer. All we need to really is chill :D

  2. How lovely everything all looks!

  3. Sue,sounds like you will have pretty relaxed week,wish I could say the same :)I love it though.
    Kimmie,glad to hear from you!Thank you :)