Friday, December 3, 2010

Girl Time And The Finished Product

Today was a very nice day.My Dear Friend Michelle invited me over to watch "Eat,Pray,Love." She has read the book,but I have not as of yet. She made a lovely ham and cheese quiche,warmed fruit with curry,coffee cake,fresh grapes with a nice homemade punch that we put a little kick into with some Amaretto. Everything was delicious,and it was great spending time with her,enjoying good food and a wonderful movie. We ate at the kitchen island,then curled up in easy chairs with our second glass of punch to watch the rest the movie. It was the quintessential girl time.

After I came home, I finished putting everything back up on the walls in the dining room. The walls in the photos below may not seem like a big difference in color,but in person it is. The walls are so much warmer now.

This is how it looked before:

This is the finished product:

The cabinet all set up:

I have not place all my canning jars in the cabinet yet:

I have an old decorative mirror that goes on the rack on the bedroom door,but it needs a wing nut or some good glue to attach it,neither of which I have right now.
I am so pleased with the way this room came out. I love the color,I think it's very warm and inviting. There is such self satisfaction when one does a job and it comes out the way it is wanted,and it makes the home that much nicer and "homier."
Tonight we are going to Zachary's school to see the premiere of the movie he participated in,a remake of the Twilight Zone episode,"The Monsters Are On Maple Street." This was an after school enrichment program,in which the students rewrote and acted in the episode,which they called "The Monsters Are On School Street." We are anxious to see it!!


  1. That is a much nicer tone, although I liked the old colour too! Have a good weekend

  2. I love that new color! I like that the bedroom door is white now all looks great. Did you have to paint the ceiling also?

  3. Hi Chris...yes we painted the ceiling as well. It really needed it,since the woodstove makes it dirty,and admittedly,I haven't washed the ceiling or painted it in a few years,so it was quite bad.It's one of those things that if you see it everyday,you get used to it. Thank you for the compliment...I soooo love the new color!!
    Hi Sue- I still like the old color as well,but needed a change,and I agree this new color is a nicer tone,not quite as "in your face.Glad you like it,have a good weekend as well!!!