Thursday, December 16, 2010

Living Room Photos


This is the view from the kitchen doorway. You can see on Zach's stocking on the door. Until I fill it with gifts it has greens and berries in it. On the other door I taped Christmas cards.I decided not to put them on the tree. The creche ( pronounced "cresh"),or manger,is on our bookcase by the door. You can see our mantle on it's new home on the wall. Little O,our cat, is hanging out on the chest,which serves as our coffee table.

Here is a close up of the tree. I put very few ornaments in it. You can see the dried orange slices (which look pretty when the light is shining behind them-it looks like stained glass),pine cones,and popcorn garland.I tucked in a couple of turkey feathers,which I thought looked neat. I see how dried hydrangea blossoms looked in it,but it was too much.

A full length picture of the tree. You have a better shot of Zach's stocking with the berries and greenery. He is adamant that he keeps the same stocking he had since he was a baby. You also get a glimpse of my front windows. They have garland going around the top and half way down the frame. A ceramic village extends the length of the sill,with one battery operated candle centered in each window. At the base of the candle is greens,berries,and a red bow. Little O is happy to pose next to the tree. She's my baby.

The mantle with my Santa display and poinsettia. I didn't put out as many Santas as I usually do.More greens and berries help decorate it.
Last,but not least,a view of the front window. I tried to get a better picture of the windows,village,and candles,but they didn't come out. I tried with the overhead lighting on and off,standing directly in front and off to the side,and this was the best of the lot. Little O looks intently outside...maybe at a squirrel!

Tomorrow I will post the dining room.

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  1. All is decorated nicely, Donna.
    I like you kitty, she's so pretty!