Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cleaning For Pennies On The Dollar

I was one of many folks who used to buy cleaning products. Windex,Clorox wipes,etc,etc. Then I discovered that simple items that most homes have do the same job,and for pennies on the dollar. Why buy Clorox wipes when you can do the same with bleach,water and a little elbow grease? Same goes for Windex. Vinegar and water do fine. No need for Soft Scrub,a paste made with water and baking soda are the ticket.

                                            Glass Cleaner
Simply pour into a spray bottle 1 cup of vinegar for every 1 cup of water. I used an old Windex spray bottle. You will smell the vinegar,but that only lasts seconds. It works great on glass,appliances,etc....anything you would normally use store bought glass cleaner on. You can use a rag,or if you use paper towels you can compost the paper towels,since vinegar is not a chemical. Just shred the paper towels first to help with break down.

                                         Disinfectant Cleaner
Again,simply pour 1 cup of bleach for every cup of water into a spray bottle. You can adjust the amount of bleach you use,depending on how strong you want it. I used an old Clorox Clean Up bottle. I use it on my counters,in the bathroom,etc.Bleach and water in a bucket make a great floor cleaner as well. If you use paper towels for wipe up,you cannot compost them because of the bleach.

                                           Baking Soda Scrub
 My favorite is the baking soda scrub. My french doors are metal,white,and love to gather dirty menfolk finger prints. I simply made a paste of water and baking soda,and used an old toothbrush to scrub out the prints. You could also use an old dish washing sponge with a scrub side. You will have to wipe down the area after with water and a towel.

I am still trying to find a good recipe for hand dish washing detergent. I have started buying Planet,which is more than the Ajax brand I bought for a long time, but it's more earth friendly. It's biodegradable,unscented,uncolored,and hypo allergenic. It's made from Coconut Oil based cleaners,salt,and sodium bicarbonate.

Next time you run of cleaner,check you cabinets first before you run to the store. You probably have all you need right there in your home!

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