Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Garden

I am beat. I just finished planting the garden. It took four hours all told. I did get some done yesterday,but only had time to plant tomatoes and green peppers. Combining the mix and filling the boxes took longer than I thought it would,but of course,it would've taken much longer if we didn't use the tractor. All told, we mixed 4 yards of compost,28.5 cubic feet of peat moss,and 48 dry quarts of vermiculite (the vermiculite only came in small 8 dry qt bags,and at $7.00 a pop,we didn't get as much as we probably should have).

Today I was out planting at 10:30 and just got in at 2:35.  All told,this is what I planted:
Potatoes-48 white,my Pontiac Reds have been shipped and I will plant 48 of those
Green Beans-72
Onions-256 (red and white combined)
Summer Squash-2
Zucchini-2 (summer and zucchini are both very proficient and with two apiece last year it was more than enough)
Cukes-22 (still have 10 in the basement that I had to restart,so I should be able to plant those outside soon)
Green Peppers-5 (I did start 8,but three pooped out on me and it's too late to start them now)
Carrots-48 ( am staggering the planting on these,in all we should have 192)

*starred veggies are new for us this year

I am going to plant Butternut squash as a fall crop and will continue the broccoli into fall as well.

We were lucky that we did not have to buy more lumber to make the extra boxes. Our neighbor Kelly had plenty of lumber on hand. We did put weed block on the bottom of all the boxes again.

Phew!!! At least that's done!!! It was a good day to be outside,it's cool and the wind is blowing,so the bugs have been kept at bay.Rick has been moving our compost pile back further into the tree line. There was a good bit of steam coming up when he moved it,so that is a good sign. Brother B has been working hard getting all our wood re stacked under the wood shelter. No idle hands here!!!

Our little turkey hen who has been visiting us apparently found our garden boxes. I found some prints and poop in our carrot box.

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