Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Rick and Brother B left yesterday on a four day fishing trip up in Maine. There is a spot that Rick has always wanted to fish since he was in his twenties,so now that his knees are healthy again,he is finally doing it. This leaves me alone during the day while Zach is in school,which is strange to me. Mind you I do have hours by myself sometimes,but never this much. It's certainly different.

Today the sun has finally decided to make an appearance.It has been rainy since Friday,and the temperatures have been chilly. Typical New England weather-90's and sunny one week,the next,cold and rainy. I must say I am very pleased with the rain,though,because it's really helped the garden along....

You can see my broccoli on the left,next to that are my onions. The seemed to sprout overnight! My green peppers,cukes,and tomatoes have done well. You can't see the corn because it's way in the back,but it's about 5" high. My beans,peas,beets,radishes,and potatoes have taken off as well,but it's hard to see them here. My lettuce and spinach are starting to sprout,and I have flowers on one of my pumpkin plants.The strawberries are thriving,I have a few green berries popping out.

Today I am going to reorganize my living room,then tomorrow I am going to work in the garden. We are not expecting any rain today,so everything should dry up nicely,so I should also be able to finally make my peppermint soap,which calls for fresh mint. Before Rick left he  spread loam out on the areas of lawn which he used some fill on,and he put grass seed down,so I will have to make sure that's watered. So far, our turkey chicks are doing great. I made sure that they had plenty of water and feed,and the light is giving off just the right amount of heat. The Girls are doing good,a few of them are broody,but they aren't being protective of the eggs to the point where they try to peck me this time. I have been able to just go in the coop and gather the eggs,though I do talk soothingly to The Girls who are nesting,and I pet them as well. They grumble at me,but that's all. Our big turkeys are still laying eggs,and they are doing fine as well.

Right now the dogs and cats are sleeping,there is a slight breeze blowing,and the birds are singing away.There is something about the sounds that of nature that I find very soothing and relaxing. This is the life!!!!

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