Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today Is The Day!

That's right,today is the day....I finally get to plant the garden! The garden area has been filled and levelled,the boxes made,the compost delivered,peat moss and vermiculite bought. The boys are going to mix it all up and fill the boxes. I will then FINALLY plant the garden.

At least I am not alone. Last night at Garden Roundtable many are far behind,although it seems like most are a bit further along than I am.

The boxes:
4x8 double height-corn
4x4-peas and beets
4x4-cukes and radishes
4x4-cukes and green peppers
4x6 double height-red and white potatoes
4x4-green beans and spinach(two varieties)
4x4-lettuce (two varieties)
4x4-double height -carrots
4x4-various squash

In my herb box (4x4) right now I have spearmint,Greek Oregano,and thyme. I planted dill,more oregano,and basil.

In my strawberry box (4x4) the strawberries are growing nicely,still getting more little green plants pushing up daily,and some are nice and long,with blossoms.I found one little itty bitty green strawberry yesterday.

I will take photos of the area today and post them tomorrow. Right now we are still trying to decide what to put down around the boxes. Wood chips again?Mulch? Or perhaps some form of gravel? It's all dirt right now.

I am rubbing my hands gleefully together in anticipation! The weather here today is much drier and cooler than yesterday. In fact, we had tornado watches here in New England. There was a report of a touch down in Jefferson,which is up north,but folks in the Springfield area of MA got hit with two tornadoes,which also travelled a bit across the state. It was a super cell that we very rarely see in these parts,you normally see it in Tornado Country in the Midwest. Four people are confirmed dead and there is alot of damage.  We are keeping our MA neighbors in our thoughts today.

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