Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reorganizing the Living Room

One of the advantages of the menfolk being gone is that I have full rein of the house. I can work uninterrupted. No having to stop projects when they come in for lunch,or trying to work around anyone.Yesterday was living room reorganizing day. It was time to declutter and do a good thorough cleaning .I moved furniture and gave everything a good sweep,wiped down the walls where the Samson's slobber hit the walls,and gave everything (lamps,globes,AC,photos,etc) a good once over.

The first area I worked on was our TV area. I didn't take photos of it,but I cleaned out the drawers of the antique sewing machine table that we use for our DVD table. I used a cable tie to group all the wires from the TV,DVD player,and surround sound speakers.I wanted to hang photos and Rick's service flags,but discovered that I didn't have any picture hangers. I have to run to the store today,anyway,so I will grab some and take care of that today or tomorrow.

Next was the computer area:

You can see how cluttered it is.My goal was to free it up.You can also see the pile of magazines on the filing cabinet. Time to go through those!

Next was what I call "Rick's Corner." It's his chair,and he seems to pile his stuff there...his table,magazines,blood pressure machine,and assorted things:
I didn't like the bookcase there. It restricts where Rick's chair can go,and therefore make the chair stick out in the traffic area more than is necessary.

The next area is the opposite corner. It's not cluttered,but this is where I wanted to put the bookcase to free up Rick's Corner:
I rolled up my sleeves and got started. Four hours later,with only being sidetracked by lunch,checking on the poultry,gathering eggs,and reorganizing my silverware drawer,this is how it all turned out:
I wanted to raise up the computer,so I found a board outside and used two small pots to support it,making a small shelf for the monitor. I didn't have enough room for the two speakers,so I put them under the shelf. I used an old valance to hid the makeshift shelf,and now the speakers are hidden as well. I cleaned out the drawer,so now all the items that were in the pencil organizer are in the drawer,so I actually no longer need it,even though I left it on the printer.I went through all the magazines and ripped out the articles I want to keep out of the old issues,and only current ones,which I moved to the coffee table.I used cable ties to organize all the wires under the desk.

Next is Rick's Corner:
I am liking this look much better. It's not a confining looking. His pile is gone. I cleaned all the oil lamps in the room and refilled them. I also cleaned all the candle holders and put new candles in the ones that needed it.I think I will put Rick's service flags in that corner.

Couch corner:

You may notice that  I don't have curtains.The only rooms that have anything on  the windows are Zach's room,the bathroom,and our bedroom for privacy. The french doors have blinds inside them which we do close at night or when the sun is too hot. I didn't put curtains in the living room or the kitchen because I think it makes the house look bigger,it gives us more natural light and I enjoy seeing the colors outside.It's like having nature as your own painting in your house. Laura Ingalls Wilder didn't have curtains either,saying that the windows were her pictures. I agree.


  1. I only have curtains in the living room (we live on a busy road and valances in the kitchen. The rest have blinds which are usually open. I love Laura's reasoning about the windows being her pictures too!
    Everything looks great. I'm working on straightening out my office, which ends up being the catch-all room. It's a never ending project!

  2. Nice job Donna! It is so cozy I love it. Wish I could get away without curtains too. Not that I need them for privacy but to keep the heat out/in. Plus a hubbie who insists on them.

    How is your garden growing? I'm still planting, I feel behind schedule this year.


  3. Nice to catch up Donna, you're not the only one with posting comments problem, so I just going with anonymouse and adding my name atm. Well done to Zack and so glad you took smokey in. How's you garden getting on? from Rina ... Our slice of Heaven