Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Work

We had a few days of rain which hindered our outdoor work,but I do admit that I was quite happy to let nature water the garden and the grass seed! Saturday it was overcast but no rain,so we did get to finally continue on our yard work.

I laid mulch down around the garden boxes:

Brother B got the walkway  along the garage evened out:

Rick finally got the swale in the backyard how he wants it. When we get a good rain we will see where it needs to be adjusted,as we are trying to dictate where the rainwater drains-away from the garden and The Girls! You can see in the photo where Brother B made a pergola with a tarp for them.It gets real hot in that space,so this will give them some shade that isn't inside the coop:
Rick's youngest brother Spencer is up with us for a few days helping out. He took two piles of old wood that we weeded from our main woodpile and stacked them in between trees. The two piles will be our fire pit wood,or if we just need a bit of starter for the woodstove come winter. He did a great job:
 Sunday Rick also finally levelled off the driveway,and now we can park in it again since we no longer have a pile of fill and a pile of loam.Our neighbors have been very gracious in letting us use their driveway to park our vehicles. We have given them eggs in appreciation. While Rick was doing the driveway,Brother B and Spencer worked on levelling the area for our pool. We bought a 20 ft pool,one of those set-it-up-yourself jobs. Rick pushed back our brush and compost areas,and laid down fill,while Brother B and Spencer raking out rocks and used a level to make it even. As I type this they are back out there working on it. We hope to get the pool up and running by week's end. While they worked on that I weeded the garden.

Last night,I finally finished Zach's camo socks:

These are too thick to be worn with shoes.I made them for scuffing around the house. I will be working on Brother B's socks next.

Today I am going to plant wildflower seeds,I just hope it's not too late in the season. I am also going to scrub the green algae off the garage.Yuck.

The kitty is doing very well,he is eating and seems to be gaining weight.His little spine and ribs are not sticking out as much as the were. He is very cuddly and loves to curl up on our shoulders!

I hope you all enjoy your day where ever you are!

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