Monday, June 6, 2011

What To Do With All That Poo

Having chickens and turkeys,I am well aware of the benefits of composting their poo. After it's had enough time to sit,it is one of nature's most wonderful fertilizers. But that is not the poo I am talking about. I am talking about poo from the likes of these two:

Yes, I am referring to dog poo. We had been chucking it into the tree line to naturally decompose. But now that we are pushing back that tree line so we can push our compost area further back and reclaim the yard,we need a new strategy.
So Rick took an old rubber garbage barrel,drilled several holes in it,dug a hole several inches deep and placed the barrel in it. He then put the poo in the barrel.

On occasion,we will put lime in the barrel to help with the decomposing process. The lid will keep the smell nonexistent. It's still in the tree line,just not in the same area. Now the poo is in one spot,and not randomly chucked into the trees!

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