Saturday, June 4, 2011

Don't Throw Out That Wheelbarrow! Grow In It!

Last year,our wheelbarrow had broken handles,so we put new ones on,and gave it a new coat of paint. This year,we discovered holes in the bottom. Rick wanted a bigger wheelbarrow,anyway,so we purchased one that holds a greater capacity,mainly,for hauling wood,rocks,etc. This was before we bought the tractor,but now one person can haul with the tractor and another can use the wheelbarrow.

But,what do we do with the old one? Make a planter,of course!

I filled it with left over compost mix that we used for the garden,and planted a few more Green Ice and Little Caesar lettuce,as well as Salad Fresh and Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach. One good thing about having it in the wheelbarrow is I can put it in an area that doesn't get full blown sun all day long.It should look nice when it's full of greens!! So...don't throw out that old wheelbarrow....grow in it!

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